Come and learn a cheeky, foolproof way to make Brisbane's favourite sauce. I'll teach you a beautiful basic Hollandaise and then help you to be creative with other delicious flavours. With Christmas Brunch fast approaching you might surprise yourself and create an amazing plate of food for your family and friends. (I'm thinking soft Brioche, perfect poached eggs, orange cured salmon, lemony asparagus and cranberry hollandaise at our house). I'll have you making your own sauces, teaching you the ways of preventing and rescuing a split and also talk you through the perfect poached egg. Our team will then serve your sauce on an Eggs Benedict with one of Gideons yummy coffees once you're done. Trust me, it's super easy. nims xx

The dates are Tuesday the 4th, Saturday the 8th, Tuesday the 11th and Saturday the 15th of December. You can purchase tickets on eventbrite.

(If the classes fill, we'll add more dates).