I began my career as an Apprentice Chef over 25 years ago and ALWAYS loved to cook, it's an innate part of who I am. 
Growing up sitting on my Mother's kitchen bench in PNG, sparked an obsession with everything food and the notion that it was the central point of everything happy in life. I desperately wanted to be a part in that facilitation of happiness. 

A celebration cakes venture, "Big Cake"was launched in 1998, creating beautiful cakes that doubled as dessert. Fruit cakes and royal icing were definitely not on the menu. Along with my  Husband Gideon, the big step of being cafe owners was realised in 2001.We opened a 60 seater called "Big Brekky" in Sydney and very quickly had people queuing down the length of the building to indulge in rustic breakfasts. 

That first cafe was our University, she taught us how to be successfully self employed whilst still remaining true to ourselves. Big Brekky was sold  in 2008,then Gideon and I moved to Brisbane opening “Comfort at My Table” Milton late 2009. The queues for our fresh take on comfort food grew again and we sold after 5 big years. A highlight was being thanked by Fiona Donnelly, Food Editor for The Courier Mail and Qld Food Editor for The Gourmet Traveller, for helping to pioneer the current food culture in Brisbane, a very cherished moment indeed. 

At both establishments, we would jar all of the preserves included on the menu, so it seemed only natural that our third cafe would be about preserving. "The Jam Pantry" has allowed us a full exploration of  every conceivable notion of preserving. My favourite part of each month is creating the menu for the next round of flipping boards, doing the first cook and writing the recipes. 

My passion has translated into a guest spot on ABC612 Brisbane, chatting all things jam and preserves and speaking at events about food waste and sustainability in our everyday lives. Who knows what's next?  

If you'd like more recipes from our kitchen, handy hints to make your own cooking easier and ideas for great big pots of yum, head on over to the blog www.nimsxx.com

Most Importantly, I must say "Thankyou", to my Husband, my stable rock who has supported every dream I've ever had.
I love you Gideon, life would not be as full if you weren't in its' centre. The best is yet to come.
nims xx