Bring Us Your Excess

Have you got garden produce overflowing in your backyard and you're having trouble using it all? 
In keeping with our love of the seasons and preserving, we are calling on you to #bringusyourexcess

We're happy to accept all sorts of things, as long as there's plenty!

To date, we’ve had a delicious variety of produce brought in, including

limes that were made into curd and sold on our shelves,
lemons that we salt preserved,
rosemary was made into a robust pesto with walnuts
and rosemary salt to sprinkle on all manner of things. 
 tomatoes were dried in the oven overnight and marinated in flavoured olive oil
paw paws were paired with limes for a delicious jam
mandarins became marmalade with rose petals and
chokoes were made into a delicious chutney. 

Now; there IS something in it for you!
Depending on what and how much you bring, you can look forward to a coffee,
a jar of preserves off our shelves, or a meal.
It’s a lovely way to reduce waste whilst encouraging us to be creative! 

So please, bring us your excess!

nims xx