The Flipping Boards

This is where we truly excel and explore our passion for emotion in food and its' providence. 
I (nims) build a list of complementary "ingredients" each month based on what our local farmers and suppliers have harvested and collected.
Each menu item on the boards are then designed around produce in hyper season and the food memories that those choices ignite. 
A first cook with recipes start to play out on a Wednesday.
By Friday; the boards begin to flip, remaining for the entire month.

If you'd like to see images of our boards coming to life search #whentheboardflips on Instagram or Facebook
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Our Current Flip is celebrating the season with American Flavours. nims xx

Our Seasonal Classics Menu

If you're a creature of habit and need something familiar, that's okay too!
We have a list of Classic Favourites that we tweak each month that  are not quite as playful as the board, but still reflective of the Season.  

Our Partnerships

We’re featured in Truth, Love and Clean Cutlery, A guide to the world’s truly exemplary, organic, sustainable and ethical restaurants.

We love to use suppliers and producers that are equally obsessed with yum and do a wonderful job supporting our creativity. 

Our daily bread is an authentic sourdough from Newstead Bakery via Jocelyns Provisions
Food Connect brings us ethical (and organic where possible) produce direct from local farms within a 400km radius from Brisbane.
When we need delicious meat we call Hand Sourced who gather from farms that raised and slaughter using sustainable and ethical practices.
Coffee Supreme roasts a fruity "Origin" blend from Sustainable growers, perfect for a brekky full of flavour.
Sero Australia send us rapadura sugar that is still brimming with essential nutrients to compliment that full bodied coffee.
The Wholesale Fruit Co. brings our Daily Fruit and Veg like clockwork.
Suncoast Fresh drop off rare and interesting fresh produce for us to experiment with from growers in our region. Remember those medlars?
Mallow Sustainability help us compost our organic kitchen waste.
Our eggs are truly free range and are brought to us by Mark at Munch Logistics, we adore happy hens.
Thai Hoa specialise in interesting Asian produce from local Brisbane growers.
If we need beautiful finishing touches we call Fino Foods.
When a flipping board theme calls for a European flair, Deluxe Foods come to our table.
Meredith Dairy is our go to for any goats cheese products. 
Awassi Queensland for whole lamb carcasses in season and sheeps milk products.
Our leg ham off the bone is delivered by Porter Distributors from Black Forest Smokehouse
Our pantry staples get replenished by Bidfood and Quality Food Services
The raw honey for all our fermenting and menu needs comes from John's Hives, he lives down the street and absolutely loves his bees.
We source our paper products, including toilet tissue, from Queensland Tissue Products. Did you know this local company was the first to manufacture recycled tissue products in Australia? 

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